Frank Matus

May 18, 2021
Baldwinsville School Board 

Putting Parents & Kids FIRST–

You decide what’s right, not administrators.

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Frank Matus Speaking

Why am I running? It’s simple — you are not being heard….

I’m just like you.  A successful, hard-working parent who wants the best for not only my son, but for all of the kids in the Baldwinsville district.  My wife Paula and I moved to B’ville 7 years ago for the schooling available here.  I still believe in the district and instead of complaining about our issues, I want a hand in solving them.  I want to be the voice many parents don’t have.  Your voice.  I am not passive and I don’t believe in the status quo.  I challenge group think and believe that through dialog and discussion, we can find common ground instead of bowing to political or social winds.  As a mixed race family, we should all demand respect for all, not some anonymous opinion shared by someone from behind a keyboard.  I promote respect, dialog and believe that our educators should include parents in the decision making process — not allow administrators to decide what is best for our families.  I will be sure that you have a say.  You will be included and not ignored or forgotten.  

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